In order to maintain and improve our product reliability and management capabilities we are currently reviewing our quality systems. This will allow us to establish the next phase of industry recognised certification. During 2017 we will be undergoing assessment for accreditation to the new British standard for quality management under category ISO 9001-2015.

ISO 9001-2015, a new standard for Alanto, converter of Foam and Rubber products

This new standard is a more rigorous and finer detailed version of the previous standard which has been in operation for recent years under categories ISO 9001-2000 and 2008. These versions of the standard were focused mainly on managing processes and less on documentation than the previous standard.


The new standard ISO 9001-2015 is less prescriptive than its predecessors with its main focus on performance. It has also been designed to be easily integrated with other management systems and provides a solid base for sector-quality standards (automotive, aerospace, medical industries etc) and takes into account the needs of regulators and risk management.