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PPE Foam Pads for Face Shields, Helmets & Visors

PPE Foam Pads Supplier to the Healthcare Sector

The NHS and healthcare sector require millions of masks every day to ensure health and care workers are kept safe. Foam pads are a vital part of suitable face shields and Alanto is working hard to support the national supply.

We are proud to support the frontline NHS workers and Healthcare sector workers with our high quality open cell medical grade ppe foam strips.

Medical PPE foam pads

Alanto is endeavouring to meet the demand for medical foam pads for face shields, helmets, visors and other PPE equipment. We supply a range of foam pad products in either closed cell or open cell style. Alanto can supply comfortable foam pads in different sizes and supply in various formats to suit multiple production processes.

At a time when a simple and effective solution for foam pads for face masks is critical, we want to make finding the right foam pads for PPE quick and easy.

Whether you need foam pads for helmets, visors or face shield foam strips, we can help support your PPE production with foam pads for face masks, helmets, visors and face shields or to discuss your requirements, get in touch via our contact form or call us on +44 (0) 1922 723740.

Making Foam Pads for PPE: UK Manufacturers

The following videos show Alanto’s manufacturing process of making medical PPE foam pads for both helmets, face shields and visors.

Making foam pads for helmets and visors