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Alanto Limited is proud to work in partnership with the UK Home Office to provide CAST packs for stab-resistant vest testing. The CAST packs have been developed by Alanto Limited in conjunction with the Home Office to meet stringent quality and safety standards that have been approved by the government’s Centre for Applied Science and Technology.

The Home Office states that:

"The Home Office Body Armour Standard (2017) specifies the minimum performance requirements and test methods for body armour intended for UK law enforcement. In stab testing, a gravity-driven falling mass with a knife end-effector is employed to evaluate the protective capabilities of the body armour materials. Beneath the body armour panels, a composite pack of foams and rubbers are specified to represent the dynamic response of the torso when subject to stab impacts."

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Supplying to local, national and international markets, CAST packs are a requirement for any stab-resistant vest manufacturer or accredited test facility that intend to sell or recommend materials for stab-resistant vests with an approved Home Office standard certification.


CAST Packs – Home Office Certification

Stab-resistant vest being manufactured and labelled as a diagram



The foam packs consist of various materials designed for this individual test. The product function is to represent the elasticity of the human torso, the stab vest is placed on top of the test pack and a knife is propelled at the vest at a controlled velocity to test the vests suitability.

Alanto Limited are pleased to announce that they are accredited to supply CAST packs for testing in the Home Office Body Armour Standard (2017).

Alanto Limited has a long history of providing other body armour and protection equipment. Other areas of the company’s protection apparatus expertise include:

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  • Reducing Back Face Deformation
  • Ballistic Armour Comfort Foam
  • Equestrian Body Protection
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