What is nitrile/PVC?

Nitrile/PVC closed cell rubber foam is a blend of polymers formulated to provide a soft, flexible insulation material. The material has a textured skin surface which can effectively eliminate water-vapour migration and retain outstanding performance in hot or cold temperature applications.

Strengths of nitrile/PVC

A number of benefits for this Alanto's nitrile/PVC include:

  • Energy retention – when used as an insulation material, it reduces energy loss and stops condensation from penetrating.
  • Corrosion resistance - nitrile/PVC is long lasting as it does not allow the ingress of moisture. This results in low corrosion levels. In its closed cell form, it is non-wicking. Alanto’s nitrile/PVC closed cell foam also has integrated antimicrobial resistance to prevent the growth of bacteria.
  • Moisture resistance – nitrile/PVC is an excellent sealant against water and moisture.
  • Thermal properties – this blended substance can be used in both hot and cold applications and is well adapted for temperature ducting systems. Nitrile/PVC has high flame retardant properties and conforms to BS476 Class O Parts 6 & 7 classifications.
  • Visco-elastic – this means that the material is a closed cell foam that absorbs sound vibrations and has excellent acoustic performance.

What uses does nitrile/PVC have?

Many of Alanto’s customers use neoprene closed cell sponge in a variety of different applications, industries of which include:

  • Air conditioning systems
  • Hot and cold water transmission units
  • Freezer and chiller systems
  • Ducting systems
  • Railways
  • Construction
  • Glass and glazing

Other applications of nitrile/PVC across the world

Nitrile/PVC is a common material that has many uses throughout a variety of sectors...

Nitrile/PVC has excellent sealing properties and is commonly used in applications where it is necessary to create an effective barrier for gases and liquids.

This material is an excellent choice for pipes as the combination of nitrile and PVC functions as an excellent water barrier. Nitrile/PVC is placed over the pipe as a sleeve and as a result, the pipes do not corrode and are protected from leaking and the weather.

Fridges/air conditioning units
In this particular application, the aforementioned material is an excellent sealant against the ingress of moisture, air, water and dust. Nitrile/PVC also has excellent thermal properties and functions well under varying temperatures.

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