What is polyethylene closed cell foam?

Polyethylene closed cell foam, also known as PE, is a soft, light-weight, flexible, Polyolefin material. This product is low-cost, non-toxic and is suitable for use in a wide range of applications. In addition, polyethylene foam is characterised by its immense strength.

Strengths of polyethylene closed cell foam

This durable material has many strengths, some of which include:

  • Heat resistance – polyethylene closed cell foam is temperature resistant and performs well in extremes of hot or cold temperatures.
  • Water resistance – this material does not deteriorate under continual exposure to water. Mildew and bacteria are unable to infiltrate this highly tolerant closed cell foam.
  • Resilience – it has a high load bearing resilience and is a strong closed cell foam.
  • Chemical resistance – as a result, this material works well with a variety of adhesives.
  • Non-toxic

What uses does polyethylene closed cell foam have?

Many of Alanto’s customers use polyethylene closed cell foam in a variety of different applications, some of which include:

  • Sealing
  • Flexographic printing processes
  • Mechanical fixation
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Ducting systems
  • Acoustic purposes
  • Product protection
  • Dermatology or limb supports or castings

Other applications of polyethylene across the world

Polyethylene closed cell foam is a commonly used material and has many uses throughout a variety of sectors...

In some cases, it is able to absorb the impact of blunt force and therefore functions as a protective layer. It particularly functions well in the application of fragile goods. It is a cost efficient protective barrier as manufacturers do not need to utilise much material to achieve a protective layer due to its strength and resilience.

The material’s inability to be penetrated by mildew, mould and other consequences of water damage render it an effective and long-lasting material for marine applications such as buoyancy aids. Oil boom floats, cockpit cushions, fenders and deck thread are amongst other common marine applications.

As a result of its resilience, polyethylene closed cell foam is also used in footwear applications such as moulded soles, wedge soles, top line padding and orthodontics.

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