EPDM Rolls for Air Conditioning Unit Sealing


We were contacted by a customer seeking guidance in an application for a material to be used as a seal on external Air-conditioning units.

The material needed to be Microbial resistant to prevent fungal growth.

Critical requirements for a suitable material were its ability to withstand UV Light, Weathering and Ozone. They also needed the material to be highly flexible and have a closed cell construction in order to prevent air, dust and water ingress and corrosion.

In addition, the material needed to withstand high and low temperature extremes from -50C up to 150C.

Closed Cell Sponge EPDM Rolls Solution:

Our solution for these requirements was to recommend an EPDM closed cell sponge - provided in the form of EPDM rolls.

EPDM has excellent resistance to Weather, Ozone and UV light, is highly flexible, closed cell and performs to the temperature requirements.

We have an EPDM product that has been tested for Microbial resistance to conform with European Standard to ISO846.

This grade of EPDM has also been approved to DIN 1988 Part 7 for non-corrosiveness to Copper and Stainless Steel Pipes.

Samples of the EPDM material were converted to the customer’s dimensional criteria and were submitted for application trials which proved successful for all of their requirements.

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