Alanto new log splitter

CMC Cevenini Log Splitter

Alanto is excited to announce the arrival of a new CMC Cevenini Log Splitter to join the great technology already held within our production facility.

The log splitter enhances our capabilities in the production of foam and rubber tapes, rolls, and more. It has a fully automated working cycle and is controlled simply by a PLC “SIEMENS” and interface operator “TP700” and touch screen technology. The advanced technology enables Alanto to increase our capacity and flexibility within production.

Our customers are benefitting from our enhanced capabilities as productivity is increased, lead times are shortened and cellular foam and rubber products can be produced and delivered more efficiently. The addition of the log splitter helps is in our mission to achieve maximum cost-effectiveness for our customers.

Alanto is a leading supplier of cellular foam products with the ability to service our customers’ application-based requirements. For more information, visit our product page or get in touch to discuss your needs.