Nitrile PVC

Nitrile PVC closed cell Foam is a flexible, soft, insulation material which reliably prevents condensation and reduces energy loss.

Nitrile PVC Closed Cell Foam

Alanto’s PVC Nitrile Foam insulation material has excellent thermal and acoustic properties helping against heat loss and noise reduction.
Nitrile PVC
Nitrile PVC Closed Cell Rubber Foam
Our PVC Nitrile Foam is made from flexible insulation material incorporates a water vapour barrier to effectively eliminate water vapour migration and condensation whilst retaining outstanding performance.

Nitrile PVC Foam Specifications

This Nitrile Foam insulation product has excellent thermal values to minimise energy loss and is suitable for applications requiring extremes of temperature, both hot and cold.

Alanto’s Nitrile PVC closed cell Foam material offers excellent sealing properties against dust, air and water. This dust and fibre free material can be used in any kind of public, commercial or industrial application without impacting on health or air quality.
PVC Nitrile Rubber Foam has high conformity to Flame Retardant specifications and conforms to BS476 Class O Parts 6 and 7 classification.

PVC Nitrile Foam Capabilities

As Nitrile PVC closed cell Sponge is of a closed cell construction, it requires minimal compression to provide a seal. This makes it a cost effective energy saving solution and perfect for acoustic and thermal insulations.

PVC Rubber Nitrile Foam has inherent moisture resistance and provides long lasting protection against corrosion. As Nitrile PVC closed cell Foam is a non-wicking and waterproof insulation material it keeps metal pipes dry and prevents corrosion from forming.

PVC Nitrile Rubber Foam also has in-built anti-microbial resistance to prevent the growth of mould and bacteria.

Another attribute of PVC Nitrile Foam is that it is visco-elastic. It has excellent acoustic performance as noise is contained and dissipated by visco-elastic materials, which absorb sound and decouple vibration making Nitrile Foam an excellent insulation material.

PVC Rubber Nitrile Foam Applications

Nitrile PVC closed cell Foam assists in applications where the material is required to provide sealing properties to prevent ingress of Air, Dust, Moisture and Water.

PVC Nitrile Foam is suitable for use in a wide range of applications, in a variety of industries including Construction, Glass and Glazing, Shipbuilding, Railways, Aircraft and Aerospace, Electrical, Engineering and Automotive.

This material is extensively used in applications such as Air Conditioning Systems, Hot and Cold Water transmission units, Freezer and Chiller systems and numerous Ducting systems.

Nitrile PVC closed cell Foam can be manufactured to your required thickness and can be supplied as Foam Tapes, Foam Coils, Foam Seals, Foam Sheets or Continuous Rolls.

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