Alanto manufactures Rubber and Foam components to meet the automotive, rail, and transport sectors’ continual search for light weight, robust and technically demanding Rubber and Foam applications.

Automotive Rubber and Foam Components

Alanto aid and assist in the development and design of custom-made components to your dimensional and technical requirements for use in interior and exterior seals, gaskets and trims.


Rubber and Foam Products for Automotive

Examples of applications include NVH and sealing for Lights, Mirrors, Steering Systems, Instrument Panels, Heating and Ventilation, Air Conditioning Units and Door Closures, in fact any areas that require sealing to prevent air, dust, water, and oil ingress.

Alanto supplies the following Rubber and Foam products suitable for automotive manufacturers:

  • HVAC gaskets and seals
  • Rubber matting
  • Window seals
  • Door seals
  • Weather strips
  • Scraper blades
  • Cable protection
  • Rubber bollards
  • Rubber buffers
  • Noise reduction Foam and Rubber sponge
  • Vibration isolation Foam and Rubber sponge

We understand the automotive industry is at the cutting edge of development, so if you require an existing component or a new design to be developed, we can help. We have the capability to custom manufacture Rubber and Foam components to meet your exacting standards. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.
Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Rubber and Foam Materials for Automotive

Alanto can manufacture your components using a range of materials to meet the needs and requirements of your automotive part. View our materials here.

At Alanto we have over 20 years of experience in providing Rubber and Foam products to the automotive industry. We can advise on the correct material for your application, whether that be resistant to oil and gases, fire retardant or chemical resistance. We can advise on material choice, material longevity, and suitability for your application.

Quality Rubber and Foam Seals

Alanto supply high-quality Rubber and Foam products that meet or exceed both your requirements and British standards. We are accredited to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 in accordance with procedures as certified by TUV Nord.

Why Choose Alanto?

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, as well as our product quality and the development of new materials. We are experienced in supplying components to all areas of the automotive sector, including those who manufacture motorcycles, trains, and aeroplanes.

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