Since 2002, Alanto has specialised in the conversion of Foam and Rubber into products such as coils, pads, tapes, seals, gaskets, rolls and more. We supply our full range of products both to direct customers and converters, for use anywhere, from packaging to automotive, from marine to construction, there’s not a sector we don’t supply.

The Comprehensive Guide to Foam Packaging Materials

In an era where product safety, environmental responsibility, and brand perception are critical, the choice of packaging material is paramount. Foam offers unmatched protection and versatility, making it ideal for diverse industries. Alanto’s guide helps you make informed decisions to align with your goals.

Jacobs and Thompson – UK Trading Business Update

Following our merger announcement, we’ve received positive feedback, successfully integrated teams, and enhanced our product quality and capacity, promising exciting developments at FoamExpo Stuttgart.

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