Since 2002, Alanto has specialised in the conversion of Foam and Rubber into products such as coils, pads, tapes, seals, gaskets, rolls and more. We supply our full range of products both to direct customers and converters, for use anywhere, from packaging to automotive, from marine to construction, there’s not a sector we don’t supply.

J&T acquisitions and expansion: RamFoam Ltd.

Jacobs and Thompson (J&T) announces the strategic acquisition of RamFoam Ltd., marking significant expansion in the UK and its first foray into the Middle East, underscoring its commitment to global growth and industry leadership.

What is Alanto’s Foam Conversion Service?

With 20 years of experience and expertise, Alanto is the UK’s leading independent Rubber and Foam converter. But what does that actually mean? What is a Foam conversion service, and what products can be made with the resulting converted Foam? Foam conversion is the...

What is Basotect® and How Can It Help You? | Alanto

Basotect® is a versatile, lightweight melamine resin product, ideal for insulation and soundproofing, withstanding up to 240℃, effective thermal insulation, sound absorption, flame retardancy, low density, water repellence, and chemical resistance.

What are the applications of Polyethylene?

Protect your products and ensure safe transportation with Polyethylene foam. Its impact-resistant properties and resistance to chemicals make it a reliable choice for demanding applications.

Neoprene Gasket for Potable Water?

Safeguard your water supply! Choosing the right gaskets for potable water applications is critical for preventing contamination and ensuring public health. Standard rubber gaskets can degrade, compromising water quality. Discover specialised materials designed for safe, long-lasting performance.

How can EDPM Rubber Benefit You?

In the 1960s, the limitations of natural rubber became a hurdle for manufacturers. Natural rubber offered strength, but it degraded quickly in sunlight. Enter EPDM Rubber, a synthetic solution developed by researchers to address these shortcomings. EPDM combined elasticity with superior UV-resistance, making it much more durable. Furthermore, EPDM’s ease of production made it a more practical choice for manufacturers across industries.

What are the benefits of Foam Tape?

Foam tape isn’t just for big projects! Whether you’re sealing draughty windows for improved energy efficiency or using it for specialised purposes like vibration dampening in machinery, foam tape offers a surprising range of solutions. Explore the different foam tape materials available, each with its own benefits, to find the perfect fit for your project.

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