From general everyday engineering applications to more specific and bespoke engineering projects, there are challenges that require the support of Rubber components.

About Rubber For Engineering

Alanto designs and manufactures Rubber engineering products to meet various criteria such as enabling sealing, anti-vibration, cushioning, noise reduction, electrical resistance, transmission and more.
Rubber For Engineering
Rubber fabrication components for engineering
Our Rubber and Foam material range is extensive and has resolved a vast number of application and specification-based criteria. From creating Rubber seals for nuts and bolts to providing insulation and protection in nuclear power reactors and oil platforms in the North Sea, we support engineering projects of all sizes by selecting Rubber and Foam components that are right for the application.

Cutting-edge Rubber Engineering Solutions

Engineering projects are often challenging and require manufacturers to develop innovative solutions that allow a project to progress. Speak to us to discuss your Rubber or Foam component needs or if you’re unsure, we can advise if you need a new Rubber or Foam component developing and manufacturing. Our team can advise on everything from Rubber material choice, longevity and required budget.

Off-the-shelf and Bespoke Rubber Engineering
In some cases, we can supply a ready-made Rubber engineering solution that will quickly solve your engineering challenges. However, if this is not the case, we can discuss a specialist Rubber product to be designed to solve your engineering challenges.

Rubber Conversion Facility

Our conversion facility allows us to utilise and process Rubber and Foam materials to manufacture engineering solutions for the most demanding of applications.

Rubber for Engineering Companies

Our Rubber and Foam products can be manufactured using a range of materials to meet the needs and requirements of your engineering project. View our materials here.

We have over 20 years of experience in providing Rubber and Foam products to the engineering industry and can advise on the correct material for your application, whether that be for a large-scale and complex project – or something smaller like simple nuts and bolts. We can also advise on material choice, material longevity and suitability for your application.

Quality Foam and Rubber Domestic Appliance Gaskets

Our aim is to supply high-quality Foam and Rubber products that meet or exceed both your requirements and British standards. We are accredited to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 in accordance with procedures as certified by TUV Nord.

Why Choose Alanto?

We pride ourselves on our excellence in customer service, as well as our product quality and the development of new materials.

We’re experienced in supplying components to the engineering sector, including to those who work on nuclear power plants, oil rigs and other complex situations.

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