Heating and Ventilation

We offer a wide range of Foam and Rubber gaskets and seals for use in HVAC systems.

Heating and Ventilation Solutions from Alanto

Heating and Ventilation
HVAC System Heating and Ventilation | Alanto
We offer a wide range of Foam and Rubber gaskets and seals for use in HVAC systems, with experts on hand to select the appropriate materials based on the application, which can include:

  • Air and dust filters
  • Thermal insulation
  • Sound insultation
  • Weatherproofing
  • Duct lining
  • Anti-vibration

Materials Used in Heating and Ventilation

Our materials include:

The type of material used for each application will depend on a number of factors, such as temperature, compressibility, performance standards, environmental considerations, manufacturing requirements and budget.


Heating and air conditioning units obviously experience changes in temperature, resulting in the expansion and contraction and potential dimensional warping of metal ductwork. HVAC gaskets should be able to accommodate for these changes, maintaining leak-free seals.

Depending on the position of the gasket or other product in the HVAC system, the material selected will need to be able to withstand the localised temperature range. Silicone has very high-temperature resistance, whereas EPDM may be used at temperatures below 275 degrees Fahrenheit.

Compression set

The compression set of material will be dictated by how frequently a seal is in use; i.e. a panel that is regularly accessed compared to those in less frequent use. Materials such as EPDM, Neoprene, and other compounds can be adapted to ensure gaskets remain effective even in high-use applications.

With the appropriate thickness, Gaskets can allow for dimensional variations and uneven edges to avoid sealing issues.

Performance standards and environment

Based on where a HVAC unit is due to be situated, its parts may have to endure exposure to things like UV, moisture and ozone. Our products are manufactured to a standard that ensures they can survive the most demanding environments. For example, EPDM is a great choice for gaskets on the exterior of units, with its excellent resistance to sunlight and weathering.

Why Choose Alanto for Your HVAC Manufacture?

Whether you are manufacturing new systems for installation, or modifying or replacing existing ductwork and gaskets, selecting the correct solutions for your HVAC equipment is vital in order to ensure performance, reduce costs and emissions, reduce machine downtime, prolong lifespan and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Based on all the considerations, Alanto can help you decide on balance which products and materials are best for each project, application and budget.

We also manufacture specialist Rubber materials to conform to flame retardant and high or low-temperature resistance for use in refrigeration and cold storage, thermal insulation and protection, radiators and reflectors, in numerous areas of industry.

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