Foam Coils

Alanto manufacturers and supply a wide range of Foam coil solutions to your specific requirements to both UK and overseas clients. We have dedicated machines providing capabilities for cutting and processing materials supplied to your dimensional requirements.
Foam Coils are available in any material incorporated within our range of synthetic products which include Neoprene sponge material, EPDM Foam, Polyethylene, closed cell Vinyl Nitrile Foam, Polyurethane Foam sheets, PVC Foam sheets and tapes and Silicone sponge.
Foam Coils
Foam Coils Manufacturer UK

Foam Coil Capabilities

Alanto will assist you in determining the most suitable Foam coil material for your application requirement.

Your chosen material can be supplied to your individual thickness and width requirements in continuous coils for ease of application and storage.

The length of the coils will be determined by the material quality and thickness. Alanto has production capabilities to supply low quantity or high volume requirements.

Foam Coil Applications

Our Foam coils can be manufactured with a coating of pre-laminated pressure-sensitive adhesive in order to assist in fixing with your application

They can be supplied in closed cell or open cell materials suitable for use in a wide variety of markets for sealing applications such as window-seals in glazing, gap fillers in construction, cushioning in flooring and noise reduction/anti-vibration in the automotive industry.

Foam Coils Specifications

The materials used in Foam coils exhibit extremely flexible sealing capabilities whilst offering longevity and durability in addition to being light-weight and cost effective.

Foam Coils can be manufactured in widths commencing at 4mm and upward in a thickness to suit your requirements. Our Foam coils provide innovative solutions in sealing materials for a wide and extensive range of applications covering a multitude of Industries, specification criteria and performance requirements.

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