Domestic Appliances

Our Rubber and Foam materials provide sealing, anti-vibration, and sound-absorbing properties to improve your customers’ satisfaction with their household goods.
From dishwasher seals to fridge gaskets, we supply domestic appliance gaskets for a range of home appliances – including televisions, electronic game machines, fridges, tumble driers, DVD players and more.
Domestic Appliances
Domestic Appliance Gasket

Solve Domestic Appliance Problems

Whether it’s Rubber feet for a washing machine or anti-vibration mounts, we develop and manufacture Rubber gasket products that solve a wide range of home appliance issues.

Rubber Gaskets to Prevent Dust and Water Ingress
We fabricate or die-cut your seals and gaskets to prevent air, dust and water ingress for products requiring high and low-temperature resistance along with certifiable flame retardant specifications.

EPDM Domestic Gaskets

Our material range includes solid and closed-cell EPDM sponge, which is widely used in applications involving water transmission and sealing. Both solid and closed-cell EPDM sponge gasket products display a wide range of attributes in a variety of applications.

Gaskets for Showers, Toilets and Bathing Facilities
Alanto also provides EPDM seals and gaskets specially manufactured for showers, toilets and bathing facilities, along with EPDM washers in pipework and water storage containment.

EPDM Rubber Products

From fridge door seals to dishwasher door seals, Alanto manufactures a wide range of EPDM Rubber products that are incorporated in numerous domestic appliances covering a wide range of applications. These domestic appliance EPDM gaskets solve common issues and ensure washing machines, tumble driers, dishwashers and fridges work as they should. We supply indoor and gap sealing, as well as Rubber gaskets for anti-vibration, noise dampening and cushioning.
Heat-resistant Domestic Gaskets
Rest assured, EPDM seals and gaskets include outstanding characteristics such as excellent resistance to ozone, ultraviolet light, heat, steam and moisture.
Water-resistant Domestic Gaskets
Furthermore, EPDM Rubber gaskets are used for water resistance applications in items such as garden and hose appliances, electrical cabinets, circuitry and electrical cable jointing.

Domestic Gaskets for Insulation, Heat Transmission and More

Nitrile PVC Foam materials are engineered for suitability in areas of application such as cold storage and refrigeration, heating and ventilation, cold and hot water transmission and air conditioning.
Gaskets for High-Temperature Applications
Neoprene, Silicone and Nitrile materials are extensively used in cookers and heating products due to their versatility in high-temperature situations along with sealing properties for use in preventing air, water, dust and chemical ingress.
Gaskets for Low-compression Sealing Applications
Polyethylene Foams are ideal for low compression sealing applications in numerous domestic appliances as these materials are lightweight, non-toxic and provide excellent sealing properties against air, dust and fluid vapour transmission.

More Domestic Gasket Applications

  • Anti-vibration mounts
  • Washing machine Rubber seal
  • Washing machine gasket
  • Washing machine anti-vibration mat
  • Rubber feet for washing machine
  • Fridge gasket
  • Fridge door seal
  • Dishwasher door seal

Foam for the Construction Industry

Our Foam products can be manufactured using a range of materials to meet the needs and requirements of your construction project. View our materials here.

We have over 20 years of experience in providing Rubber and Foam products to the construction industry and can advise on the correct material for your application, whether that be for insulation or soundproofing qualities. We can advise on material choice, material longevity and suitability for your application.

Quality Foam and Rubber Domestic Appliance Gaskets

Our aim is to supply high-quality Foam and Rubber products that meet or exceed both your requirements and British standards. We are accredited to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 in accordance with procedures as certified by TUV Nord.

Why Choose Alanto?

We pride ourselves on our excellence in customer service, as well as our product quality and the development of new materials.

We’re experienced in supplying components to the domestic appliance sector, including to those who manufacture washing machines, fridges, dishwashers, tumble dryers, televisions and more.

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