Since 2002, Alanto has specialised in the conversion of Foam and Rubber into products such as coils, pads, tapes, seals, gaskets, rolls and more. We supply our full range of products both to direct customers and converters, for use anywhere, from packaging to automotive, from marine to construction, there’s not a sector we don’t supply.

Alanto and the ISO 9001 2015 Quality Standard

At Alanto, your satisfaction is our priority. That’s why we’re proud to announce our ISO 9001:2015 certification. This internationally recognised standard signifies our commitment to implementing robust quality management systems. These systems ensure consistent processes, minimise errors, and empower us to continually improve the way we serve you. In short, ISO 9001:2015 certification means you can expect reliable experiences and top-notch products and services, every time you interact with Alanto.

Essential Marine Materials: Closed-Cell Foam Sheets Explained

Is constant exposure to water taking a toll on your boat? Saltwater can cause metal components to rust and timber to rot. Harsh UV rays can further break down materials, leading to cracks and leaks. But there’s a solution! Closed-cell foam sheets act as a barrier, protecting your boat from these damaging elements. They effectively block water intrusion, preventing rust and rot. Their closed-cell structure also shields against UV rays, safeguarding the integrity of your boat’s materials.

A History of Neoprene Sheeting in the UK

Why is neoprene everywhere? Its versatility is unmatched. Neoprene can bend and flex without breaking, making it ideal for applications that require constant movement. It’s also incredibly tough, resisting wear and tear even in harsh environments. Plus, neoprene is impervious to oil, UV rays, and harsh weather, making it a long-lasting choice. From keeping engine parts protected under the hood of a car to shielding wetsuit wearers from the sun’s rays and cold water, neoprene tackles challenges in the automotive world, outdoor settings, and beyond.

Rubber processing and fabrication: what happens

Foam Rubber is used in the foundations of a broad range of products that are used in day-to-day life. From parts of cars to the desk before you, Rubber and Foam components are widely used to pad out fixtures and fittings, conceal vibration and suppress noise. Foam...

What is closed cell Foam insulation?

As the world becomes more ecologically aware, the need for adequate insulation in construction projects has become increasingly more pressing. The thermal insulation of modern buildings requires the use of flexible materials that are light in weight, ecologically...

EPDM Gaskets for Windows

Gaskets are used in a broad range of applications and are the most tested and widely used sealing technique in the industry. In the assembly of windows, EPDM Gaskets are an excellent seal, placed in between two structures to aid the function of a product in a number...

What is Isolation Tape?

Isolation tape, also known as Sound Resilient Tape, is a Rubber Foam Tape that is supplied in easy to use rolls - common applications include sealant flooring, fixing joists, partition wall isolation and ductwork. Isolation Tape supplied by Alanto has excellent...

EPDM Gasket vs Neoprene

What are Gaskets? Gaskets are sheets or rings of material that function as a seal between two or more surfaces. This seal can be used in a variety of applications and stops leakage, the release of air and the ingress of dust. Often used to fill in gaps in machine...

Happy Retirement, Peter!

Peter has retired from Alanto after 15 years with the company. During his time at Alanto, Peter built up some great relationships with customers and colleagues and he will be missed by all, but we wish him well in his retirement and hope he enjoys a little more...

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