Rubber Gaskets

At Alanto, we specialise in delivering custom rubber gaskets tailored for a wide array of industrial applications.

Expert Rubber Gasket Manufacturers

As a leader in the Rubber Gasket market, our dedication lies in manufacturing products, including the popular EPDM Rubber Gaskets, that meet your specific design requirements with unmatched precision and excellence.
Rubber Gaskets
Our diverse range of rubber gasket products is meticulously crafted from various synthetic materials to cater to distinct application requirements.

The Essence of Quality in Rubber Gaskets

We understand the critical role rubber gaskets play in industries such as construction, automotive, medical, and food processing, ensuring they deliver unmatched performance, durability, and reliability.

A Diverse Range of Rubber Gasket Materials

Our expertise extends across multiple types of rubber, each with unique properties to suit different applications:
  • Neoprene Closed Cell Sponge Gaskets:
    Great for their sealing and cushioning applications, good resistance to chemicals and oils, making them suitable for many industries.
  • EPDM Gaskets:
    Exceptional for use in Weathering environments, UV, Ozone resistant, good for sealing and cushioning applications.
  • Neoprene/EPDM Gaskets:
    Blend of good resistance to chemicals, oils and UV, Ozone plus sealing and cushioning applications.
  • Vinyl Nitrile Gaskets:
    Excellent cushioning, used in applications requiring good compression recovery.
  • Nitrile PVC Gaskets:
    good resistance to Fuel, chemicals and oils. Can offer either slow or fast recovery materials for various applications.

Tailoring to Your Specific Needs

Precision Cutting for Custom Requirements
Our advanced cutting facilities enable us to produce rubber gaskets in various widths and thicknesses from 1mm upwards to the maximum roll width which is normally 1 metre. We take pride in being able to accommodate both high and low volume needs. Our capabilities allow for the manufacture of both simple and complex designs, ensuring a perfect fit for every application.
Innovative Plain and Self-Adhesive Rubber Gaskets
We offer self-adhesive rubber gaskets, perfect for on-site applications, featuring strong adhesive for ease of installation, thus saving on cost and time. This innovation is particularly beneficial for industries looking to make savings.


What industries benefit from Alanto's rubber gaskets?
Our rubber gaskets are essential in sectors like construction, automotive, electronics, engineering and many more.
Can Alanto provide custom-sized rubber gaskets?
Yes, our advanced machinery and skilled team can create rubber gaskets in custom sizes and shapes to meet your specific requirements.
What differentiates Alanto’s rubber gaskets from competitors?
Our commitment to quality, extensive material options, and ability to provide tailored solutions set us apart as an industry leader.

Ensuring Optimal Gasket Performance

Chemical Compatibility and Temperature Limitations
It’s crucial to select the right rubber gasket material based on the specific chemical and temperature environment. Our team can guide you in selecting materials that are best suited to your application’s unique conditions.
Importance of Surface Preparation
Proper surface preparation is essential for a strong seal. We recommend ensuring surfaces are clean, smooth, and free from debris for optimal performance of the rubber gasket.

Alanto – Your Trusted Rubber Gasket Partner

As a renowned rubber gasket manufacturer, Alanto is ready to meet your specific needs with our diverse range of sponge rubber materials. Our commitment to quality and expertise ensures that we provide the best sealing solutions for your application. Whether you need to buy standard rubber gaskets or you’re looking for a custom rubber gasket manufacturer, Alanto is your go-to source for reliable, high-quality gasket solutions. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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