We were recently approached to recommend for supply, an EPDM closed cell Sponge which is Anti-Microbial for use as a sealing product in Air-Conditioning units.

The Anti-Microbial properties of the material would be required so that the sealing material would not support growth of Fungus when applied to external units which would be subjected to exposure from UV Light, Ozone and Weathering.

A closed cell material was required to conform to European Test Standard ISO846 for prevention of or deterioration from Fungi, Bacteria Micro-organisms.

In partnership with our material suppliers we were able to provide an EPDM closed cell Sponge conforming with the test requirements in addition to its’ inherent properties of UV, Ozone and Weather resistance.

EPDM closed cell Sponge now available for high and low temperature resistance.

A new quality of EPDM closed cell Sponge is now available with the following temperature performance criteria:

  • High Temperature performance up to 150C
  • Low Temperature performance down to – 200C
  • The material has been utilised for sealing applications in Solar Panels for the export market.
  • Extreme temperature performance required for use in Middle East and Asia.

Our EPDM closed cell Sponge has new Test conformance to ASTM D1149-07 and ASTM D1171-99.

Both test requirements allow the material to be considered suitable for external applications in the Construction industry where High-Temperature and UV Resistance are required.

EPDM closed cell Sponge conforming to UL94 HF1.

Our low density EPDM closed cell Sponge ref DK1075 now has Flame Retardant conformance to UL94 HF1.

The material has been developed and independently tested to provide Flame retardant qualities in a wide range of safety-critical applications.