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About Electrical & Lighting

Our range of materials and processes allow us to supply products to your design conforming to U.L. and British/European Classifications for use as seals and gaskets to a high technical standard.

EPDM Rolls, Rubber Gaskets, Foam Gaskets for Electrical Appliances

We convert materials that can possess predictable, measurable and reproducible properties of chemical resistance, Dielectric and Tensile strength and moisture resistance.

We can Fabricate or Die-Cut your requirements for seals and gaskets to prevent air, dust and water ingress for products requiring high temperature resistance along with certifiable Flame Retardant specifications.

EPDM is extensively used in Electrical and Lighting Industry applications as it has attributes of Ozone resistance, high UV resistance, good weather resistance, high temperature performance and it is Flame retardant to various industry specifications. As the material is closed cell, it provides sealing properties against air, dust, water and moisture ingress so that it can be adapted for use as a seal or gasket in numerous applications.

Polyethylene closed cell Foams are particularly suited for Electrical and Lighting applications as there are a range of hardness and density options whilst the material is soft, light-weight, flexible and low-cost. As it is closed cell it prevents ingress of water, air, dust and moisture so that it has ideal sealing properties in numerous areas of application.

Neoprene Sponge Cord profiles are produced in various dimensions and have been utilised in situations requiring IP conformance. This product is a versatile material which can be converted into rings for specific dimensional requirements.

Silicone material is extensively utilised for seals and gaskets in Electrical and Lighting applications as it has the benefit of high temperature performance. This material can be supplied in solid or expanded closed cell format.

Polyethylene closed cell Foam and open cell Polyurethane foams are used to resolve a wide range of packaging requirements for Electrical and Lighting components as the materials are light-weight, durable and have excellent cushioning and anti-vibration properties.

Should you require any more information about our products for Electrical and Lighting Industry applications, please do not hesitate to contact us.