Gaskets are used in a broad range of applications and are the most tested and widely used sealing technique in the industry. In the assembly of windows, EPDM Gaskets are an excellent seal, placed in between two structures to aid the function of a product in a number of uses. In this article, we’ll look at what these applications are and why EPDM Gaskets are important to the windows industry.

EPDM Gaskets: weather stripping and glazing seals

Weather stripping could be considered the most common use for gaskets in the application of windows – they’re used for padding out the area between the window and body panel and help to seal against wind, rain and other adverse weather conditions that may affect the function of the window.

Using a closed cell EPDM Rubber will prevent the ingress of air, dust and UV rays – allowing the windows to protect and insulate the building. EPDM is available at Alanto in a range of variations, it’s important to speak to one of our friendly advisors regarding your specific requirements.

EPDM Rubber glazing seals are important to a range of window types. Used commonly in rail, medical and fire applications, EPDM glazing seals offer excellent resistance against moisture, dust and other weathering conditions. These Rubber extrusions are not only used with glass but can also be used in acrylic and Perspex.

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With nearly two decades worth of experience, Alanto is committed to providing high quality EPDM gaskets that provide second to none sealing capabilities. Alanto is the UK’s leading and fastest growing independent converter of cellular Foam – processed here in the UK.

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