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EPDM sponge Rubber is a widely-used material across the world and forms the foundations for many products in our day-to-day lives. From the hose pipe used to water your garden to the material used under your house’s roof tiles, EPDM is a versatile material that has multiple uses across a variety of sectors.

Garden House EPDM

EPDM sponge comes in many forms and has been adapted over the years to fit a variety of different purposes. Each EPDM variation has different chemical properties which produce alternate results. Properties such as temperature range, water absorption, flame resistance and environmental protection can be tested to ensure that the EPDM material is utilised in its appropriate form.

Here at Alanto, we have been supplying industries with EPDM sponge products for over a decade and have extensive knowledge and experience in its uses, properties, densities and applications.


A simple resource to help you decide which variation of EPDM is best for your chosen application

Type of EPDM SpongeDensityKey PropertiesApplication
Expanded EPDM Sponge Rubber70-100 kg/m3Anti-ageing
Wide temperature range
Halogen, CFC and HCFC free
Open cell EPDM sponge Rubber70- 110 kg/m3Self-extinguishing
CFC and HCFC free
Temperature range -40 °C to 120°C
Vibration dampening
Soft Expanded EPDM/Natural sponge Rubber115-115 kg/m3Flame resistant
Performs in moderate temperatures
CFCand HCFC free
Heating and ventilation
Expanded EPDM/Natural Sponge Rubber270-330 kg/m3Water absorption percentage of 1-2%
Impermeable to wind and air
Electrical resistance
Electrical appliances
High Temperature EPDM Sponge Rubber55-75 kg/m3Self-extinguishing
High Ozone resistance with no cracking
Temperature range -100°C to 150°C
Sulphur and plasticiser free
Fire safety equipment
Eco Expanded EPDMSponge Rubber100-140 kg/m3Flame resistant
CFC, halogen
HCFC free
Packaging and logistics

*Please note that this is only a guide. Always seek advice to ensure your EPDM Rubber is fit for its intended purpose.

Alanto Ltd can advise on which EPDM is best suited for each sector.

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