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Foam Gaskets Manufacturer in the UK

Alanto has extensive and varied production capabilities for processing of foam rubber gaskets in high or low volumes. We manufacture and supply foam gaskets in shapes or designs determined by your individual requirements to suit your application.

Foam gaskets can be supplied in open or closed cell material which can be chosen from our range of synthetic qualities specifically chosen to cater for your individual criteria.

Our rubber gasket solutions can be supplied to your individual dimensional requirements with the additional facility of laminated pressure-sensitive adhesive. The foam gasket material can be supplied in simple or complex shapes, completely made to your bespoke design criteria.


Product Capabilities

Foam gasket materials allow gaskets to be flexible, durable, light-weight and robust suitable for use in a wide range of applications for sealing against air, dust, moisture/water, oils and chemical ingress. We produce gaskets suitable for a number of industries:

  • Building and construction
  • Glass and glazing
  • Electrical and computers
  • Transport and logistics
  • Automotive and engineering

Open and closed cell foam gaskets can be pre-laminated with pressure sensitive adhesives, which can be applied to all our materials prior to conversion to enable permanent or removable capabilities dependent upon application criteria. We have an extensive portfolio of adhesives to suit numerous applications.

Furthermore, Alanto’s foam gasket tape has been manufactured with pressure sensitive adhesive so it can be applied without any movement providing a tight seal.

Alanto has invested extensively in the latest cutting equipment which enables us to split foam gasket sheet materials into thicknesses to suit your dimensional requirements with minimal tolerance levels. This facility allows us to offer unique and critical dimensional elements.

Alanto provides innovative solutions in sealing applications for a wide and extensive range of products covering a multitude of industries, specification criteria and performance requirements.


Product Specifications

Our material portfolio offers a wide range of diverse products which can be manufactured and supplied as foam gaskets in various densities and hardness in qualities to assist in solving high-performance sealing applications.

Foam gaskets can be supplied as:

  • Neoprene closed cell foam gaskets
  • EPDM closed cell and open cell foam gaskets
  • Polyethylene closed cell foam gaskets
  • Polyurethane and PVC open cell foam gaskets
  • Vinyl nitrile and silicone closed cell foam gaskets.

Some of our other foam products are Foam Coils, Foam Tapes, Foam Seals and Foam Sheets and Rolls.

Get in touch with us about your foam rubber gasket requirements today.