Technology possessed by the army and the police now are incredibly impressive. This is not a statement that is met with any falsified enthusiasm or disbelief. The technology that both of these services have is undoubtedly very useful in terms of protection not only of themselves, but also of the community.

Here at Alanto, we are proud to say that we are involved in such technology, as we supply both services with the material needed to make life-saving equipment. We are talking about body armour, which is something that has saved numerous lives on numerous occasions.

Extensive Research

We have carried out extensive research that has allowed us to develop the materials used in body protection garments, allowing us to offer top of the line products that can help combat both impact and trauma, in a wide range of high performance applications.

Extensive Portfolio

We have a range of materials that have been developed over many years to provide personal safety for individuals in numerous sporting activities such as equestrian event riders, horse racing jockeys, motor-cyclists, winter sports enthusiasts and sports involving body-impact activities.

Our portfolio of Vinyl-Nitrile closed cell Foams offer the wearer unrivalled protection. These performance engineered materials have been developed to incorporate high shock absorption and enhanced protection from blunt trauma.

They have also been engineered to provide unrivalled “Back Face Deformation” when incorporated in ballistic armour to help in preventing personal injury for military and public order personnel.

Due to the low compression deflection characteristics of the materials they have also proved to be highly successful when utilised in personal body armour to provide stab-proof protection for Police and Protection officers.

Over the years, we have managed to receive material accreditations for these products including the following:

Equestrian Standards,
European Levels 1 and 3 to EN13158 2009
BETA Levels 1 and 3 2009

Motorcycle Standard
European Level 1 EN1621

Blunt Trauma
BS7971-8 and BS7971-4 Levels 1,2 and 3

U.K. Home Office Certification for use in garments to reduce
“Back Face Deformation”