The blog updates on a successful merger, highlighting seamless team integration, positive feedback, and strategic enhancements in product quality and processes. It mentions growing orders, new initiatives for efficiency, and invites readers to FoamExpo in Stuttgart to see future prospects.

Our Business Update

Following our 4th September 2023 announcement, we are delighted to offer you more information

  • Both businesses contacted valued customers and suppliers to explain the acquisition, receiving congratulations and positive comments in return.
  • Team members have now successfully completed the transitional phase, communicating effectively and positively on an hourly basis.
  • On 20th September, we held the first combined sales meeting, discussed existing customers and new prospects, and agreed upon a strategy to best serve the marketplace.
  • The forward order book has swelled and continues to grow, primarily due to the combined
    strength of both businesses and the greater capacity offered.
  • New equipment is being specified to further advance the manufacturing process to provide an
    even higher level of quality to our customers.
  • We always push quality to the forefront of all our activities, ensuring ‘Right First Time, Every Time’.
  • We have created several multidisciplined teams to champion various improvement projects.
  • We are currently specifying an expansion of the businesses’, IT systems to aid a more streamlined
    workflow and faster delivery to our customers.
  • Launched a joint marketing campaign to showcase the enhanced product range and services, leveraging the synergies between the businesses.
  • Initiated a comprehensive training program for all employees to foster innovation and efficiency in line with the merged entity’s goals.
  • Set up a customer feedback loop to continuously adapt and refine our offerings, ensuring alignment with market needs and customer satisfaction.


We will continue to offer more business updates as the merger continues.

We look forward to welcoming all at FoamExpo in Stuttgart 5th – 7th December 2023