J&T acquires RamFoam Ltd. and Alanto Ltd., expanding in the UK and entering the Middle East, signalling strategic global growth and solidifying industry leadership.

Our Latest Strategic Acquisition

Jacobs and Thompson (J&T) is thrilled to announce its latest acquisition of RamFoam Ltd. This step marks a key point in J&T acquisitions and expansion. RamFoam leads in UK’s polyethylene material fabrication and distribution in the UK. This marks a strategic extension of J&T’s market presence.

Additionally, RamFoam operates three sites in the West Midlands. This region has grown important for J&T, especially after acquiring Alanto Ltd. in 2021. Alanto is a UK leader in cellular rubber and is responsible for enhancing J&T acquisitions and expansion in the materials sector.

Furthermore, J&T’s growth now extends into the Middle East. It acquired RamFoam Containers Manufacturing Limited in Dubai, UAE. This is J&T’s pioneering move into the region, highlighting its global expansion strategy.

What are our thoughts about the expansion?

Riley Brand, J&T’s CEO, expressed his excitement. “Integrating RamFoam expands our solutions for clients. Also, our Dubai venture opens Middle East opportunities. We’re committed to investing for our customer base’s growth,” he noted.

Moreover, Troy McCourt, MD of Alanto, sees this as a strategic win. “RamFoam enhances our product line, strengthening our position in the UK and Europe. This aligns perfectly with our strategy for global expansion,” he stated.

Tim Mulqueen, RamFoam’s MD, commended J&T. “Their acquisition strategy makes them an ideal partner. I look forward to our continued collaboration,” he mentioned.

About J&T:

Established in 1955 and based in Canada, J&T stands as North America’s premier converter and distributor of closed-cell foam, showcasing a robust portfolio of over 20 global locations across Canada, the USA, UK, Mexico, China, and now the UAE. The company’s strategic acquisitions and relentless push for expansion have solidified its position as a leader in the industry, promising innovative solutions and comprehensive service to a growing international customer base.