Body Armour

Technology possessed by the army and the police now are incredibly impressive. This is not a statement that is met with any falsified enthusiasm or disbelief. The technology that both of these services have is undoubtedly very useful in terms of protection not only of themselves, but also of the community.

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A major well-established distributor of sealing products to the Oil and Petro-Chemicals industry in Dubai and U.A.E. contacted Alanto with a request for us to source and develop a sealing material for use in applications requiring resistance to Oil and Chemicals during processing and storage.

Upon receiving information regarding application criteria we were able to identify the specification requirements for the product with Neoprene closed cell Sponge providing the most suitable attributes for testing.

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air conditioning epdm sponge

We were recently approached to recommend for supply, an EPDM closed cell Sponge which is Anti-Microbial for use as a sealing product in Air-Conditioning units.

The Anti-Microbial properties of the material would be required so that the sealing material would not support growth of Fungus when applied to external units which would be subjected to exposure from UV Light, Ozone and Weathering.

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black rubber gasket

Need a black rubber gasket?

Designers and buyers who ask only for 'black rubber gaskets' may not source the right technical specification to support their product designs. When looking for rubber gaskets, the supplier should consider your industry, application, material properties, part manufacturing methods, industry standards, and regulatory requirements. Rubber gaskets can be bespoke to your business, for high performance and endurance.

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