Foam and Rubber Gaskets, Isolation Tapes, coils, rolls and Foam sheets are all a necessary part of almost every industry – they provide padding, protection and functionality. Closed cell Foam sheets are important in marine applications for a variety of reasons. In this article, we will explore the importance and use of closed cell Rubber and Foam materials in the boating industry.

Why choosing the correct material is important for marine machinery

Decay – Yachts and boats are exposed to long periods of time in the water. Over time this can cause irreversible damage to the metal and timber components that are vital to the boat’s functionality. As well as exposure to the water, boating apparatus is subject to intense exposure to UV rays – another leading cause of boat decay.

Material choices – Choosing the right material, first time, can drastically improve the lifespan of a boat or yacht and improve the value of the asset. A variety of materials can be used in nautical applications, therefore, ensuring that a material is chosen that does not allow the ingress of air, water or oil is key to the overall longevity of parts.

Marine Foam sheets

Foam materials can be categorised in two ways: open cell and closed cell. Although Alanto supplies a broad range of materials for marine applications, the most common materials are closed cell for a number of reasons. Closed cell materials have a number of properties that are desirable for use in water, they:

  • Do not allow the ingress of water
  • Do not allow the ingress of air
  • Do not allow the ingress of chemicals
  • Can be manufactured to be light and buoyant
  • Are dense and therefore strong

Yacht seal case study

Alanto has extensive experience in providing the sealant for yachting hatches. The hatch door is the part of the yacht that separates the upper deck from the lower deck and is vital in protecting the interior of the boat. The seal that surrounds, pads and protects the hatch must be robust with high recovery characteristics to withstand the pressure of the hatch – which must be shut tight. Alanto recommended a high-density natural EPDM closed cell sponge which continued to provide an excellent comprehensive seal.

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