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Polyurethane Open Cell Foam

Predominantly used in the furniture industry, PU Foams as they are abbreviated to have been adapted for use in applications requiring protection, cushioning and gap-filling.

Polyurethane Open Cell Foam Specifications

PU Foams are available in a wide range of densities and colours.

They can be supplied with specifications requiring high levels of Flame Retardant properties.

Polyurethane Open Cell Foam Capabilities

The materials are flexible, soft and conformable and are safe to handle.

Polyurethane Open Cell Foam Applications

They are used in applications such as Acoustic Engineering, Air Conditioning, Duct Liners, Acoustic Enclosures and Acoustic Wall Panels.

They are extensively used in areas of application for protection in packaging and transport in addition to presentation cases and logistical support in dedicated storage containers.