EPDM Rolls for the Construction Industry

We were contacted by a customer who was requesting suitability of product for use as a sealing material in an external glazing application for the Construction industry.
The material needed to be supplied in 1 metre wide continuous rolls in a thickness requiring a very accurate and demanding tolerance level.
EPDM Rolls for the Construction Industry
Requirements for material suitability were an ability to withstand UV Light, Weathering and Ozone, in addition to the material being highly flexible and offering a closed cell construction to prevent ingress of air, dust and water.

In addition, the material needed to withstand high and low temperature extremes of -20C up to 100C.

EPDM Rolls Solution

Our solution for these requirements was to recommend EPDM Rolls, an EPDM closed cell sponge – to be exact..

EPDM has excellent resistance to Weather, Ozone and UV light, is highly flexible, closed cell and performs to the temperature requirements.

Having invested in a new computerised Band-knife splitting machine, we have the processing ability to split cellular Rubber sponge materials to very exacting tolerance levels which, adequately satisfied, their requirements.
We were also able to recommend a suitable EPDM closed cell material from our range of differing densities which was suitable for all of the application criteria in the presentation that the customer required for further processing prior to application.

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