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Silicone Sponge Sheet Manufacturers UK

Alanto is a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of silicone sponge sheet and gaskets. Our silicone foam sheets are used across a wide range of industries and applications providing excellent thermal insulation.

Closed Cell Silicone Sponge (foam)

Silicone sponge is a closed cell versatile material that can be used to manufacture foam coils, rubber foam tapes, seals and gaskets. Alanto’s closed cell silicone sponge rubber has high performance and stability when exposed to different extremes of temperature so it is ideal for a range of industries. Silicone material is low toxicity and CFC free which makes it an environmentally friendly material.


Silicone Sponge Specifications

Silicone sponge rubber sheets, rolls, strips and gaskets are available in different grades. Standard general purpose grades can withstand temperatures of -60C up to +200C which can be increased up to +300C with the addition of heat stabilisers.

Alanto have closed cell silicone sponge materials available in the following grades:

  • High recovery
  • Fluorosilicone
  • Thermally-conductive.

Materials are available in sheets size 915 mm x 915 mm or rolls size 915 mm wide, dependent upon thickness and grade quality.


Silicone Sponge Rubber Capabilities

Silicone closed cell sponge products have excellent flame retardant properties which make them UL94HF1 compliant. Further qualities include:


Silicone Foam Applications

Closed cell silicone sponge materials can be supplied, with or without self-adhesive, in sheets, rolls, strips or gaskets. Silicone sponge material has a good seal and makes it the ideal solution for preventing the ingress of air, dust, water or condensation.

These products are suitable for use in an extensive range of applications in a diverse range of markets requiring high or low-temperature performance, low compression set, good recovery and high flame retardant conformance.

Certain grades of silicone sponge are suitable for applications for use in the food industry conforming to US FDA 21 CFR 177.2600.

Silicone can also be manufactured as solid rubber sheets and rolls.

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