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Vinyl Nitrile Closed Cell Foam Manufacturers

Alanto's vinyl nitrile closed cell foam material has been specifically formulated and developed to provide High Impact resistance in personal body protection applications.

We conducted extensive research and development in body protection situations in order to source and design a material which would provide the most suitable attributes for the various applications required for this product.

The most important feature inherent in vinyl nitrile coated closed cell foam is its ability to absorb impact in order to prevent trauma to the wearer whilst providing comfort and flexibility in use.

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Vinyl Nitrile Closed Cell Foam Specifications

Alanto’s Vinyl Nitrile foam sheets comply with the following industry standard specifications.

Equestrian Standards:

  • European Levels 1 & 3 to EN13158 2009/2018
  • BETA Levels 1 & 3 2009/2018

Motorcycle Standard:

  • European Level 1 EN1621

Blunt Trauma:

  • BS7971-8 & BS7971-4 Levels 1, 2 & 3
  • U.K. Home Office Certification for use in garments to reduce “ Back-Face Deformation”

Vinyl Nitrile Closed Cell Foam Applications

Due to its strength, flexibility and impact absorption capabilities, Alanto’s Vinyl Nitrile coated closed cell foam is widely used in body-protection to prevent blunt trauma in applications such as police riot gear certified to BS7971-8 & BS7971-4 levels 1,2 & 3.

Vinyl/nitrile closed cell foam is also used in bullet-proof jackets to reduce “back face deformation” (HOSDB recommended).

Other applications include equestrian body protectors and helmets and motorcycle limb and back protection, conforming to EN1621-1;1997 and EN1621-2;2003 (CE Approved)

We have an extensive portfolio of vinyl nitrile foam sheets which have been extensively developed to offer unrivalled and unique protection and comfort for sporting activities such as;

  • Equestrian riders
  • National Hunt and flat race jockeys.
  • Motorcyclists
  • Winter sports enthusiasts

Here at Alanto, we supply a broad range of products using the material vinyl nitrile.

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At Alanto we manufacture high quality vinyl nitrile foam material of excellent shock absorption, flexible and light weight properties.

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