With 20 years of experience and expertise, Alanto is the UK’s leading independent Rubber and Foam converter. But what does that actually mean? What is a Foam conversion service, and what products can be made with the resulting converted Foam?

Foam conversion is the processing of large Foam blocks into particular sizes and shapes, sometimes with additional features like adhesive backing, to suit a range of functions in PPE, cars, bedding, packaging and many more.

Check out our video showing the conversion of Foam for PPE!

Foam conversion processes

There are a great number of processes that can be applied to Foam blocks to create the required design and features:

  • Splitting – creating sheets of Foam from large blocks
  • Band-knifing – cutting Foam into squares or rectangles using a very sharp blade
  • Die-cutting – cutting Foam into 2D shapes using a die stamp
  • Log-cutting – creating coils from a roll of Foam
  • Routing – 3D CNC cutting of Foam to create cut outs at various depths
  • Contour cutting – creating 3D shapes from a block of Foam
  • Egg box profiling – creating the egg-box shape used for acoustic dampening
  • Kiss cutting – creating 2D shapes with a self-adhesive backing
  • Lamination – applying self-adhesive backings, foils or other substrates
  • Spray coating – adding a fine mist of PVC to create a barrier coat to seal holes in open cell grades Sewing

What Materials Can a Foam Conversion Service be Applied to?

At Alanto, we work with a number of different materials to suit a range of functions, and many of our products (tapes, seals, gaskets etc.) can be created using more than one type of material.

  • EPDM – ethylene propylene diene monomer, closed cell or open cell sponge Rubber, is robust, versatile and flame retardant
  • Neoprene – or polychloroprene is part of a family of synthetic Rubbers, specially formulated for resistance against oils and chemicals
  • Neoprene/EPDM – a combination of polymers designed and formulated to offer the properties of resistance in Neoprene with those of EPDM closed cell sponge Rubber
  • Vinyl Nitrile – specifically formulated to provide high impact resistance in personal body protection applications
  • Nitrile PVC – this closed cell Rubber Foam is a blend of polymers formulated to provide a soft, flexible insulation material
  • Polyethylene Foam – OR PE Foam, is a closed cell Foam that is a soft, light-weight, flexible, non-toxic and characterised by its immense strength
  • PVC Foam – polyVinyl chloride open cell Foam provides softness, flexibility and conformability in areas requiring seals, noise-reduction and vibration dampening
  • Polyurethane Foam – or PU Foam, is an open cell, soft, light-weight and flexible material used in a variety of applications
  • Solid Rubber – robust, long-lasting and requires little compression to provide a seal against the ingress of air, dust, fibres, moisture, water or UV light
  • Silicone – this closed cell sponge is an elastomer composed of various silicone polymers, used for its non-reactive, stable and resistance properties

Where Can Converted Foam be Used?

It can be difficult to specify where our products can be applied because there are so many possibilities. But to give you some idea, here are the industries we work with and just a few of the possible uses they have for Alanto converted Foam products:

  • Automotive:
    1. Door and hood seals
    2. Tubing
    3. Steering sections
  • Construction:
    1. Insulation
    2. Sealing in doors and windows
    3. Roof membranes
    4. Acoustic seals
  • Electrical, heating and lighting:
    1. In products requiring IP conformance
    2. Insulation for refrigeration, cold storage or thermal applications
    3. Electrical casing
  • Leisure:
    1. Mattresses
    2. Seating and cushions
    3. Cookware
    4. Mould making
    5. Marine floats and fenders
  • Medical:
    1. Cosmetic implants
    2. Bandages and dressings
    3. Orthodontics
  • Other:
    1. PPE for military, policing, extreme sports and equestrian pursuits
    2. Packaging

Why Choose Alanto Foam Conversion service?

We are the UK’s fastest growing, independent Foam converter with a wealth of experience, dedicated staff and extensive quality assurance practices, delivering cost-effective, durable and technologically advanced products. In addition we have a large stock holding to ensure we can meet your requirements and tight deadlines.

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