Melamine resin forms Basotect®, a product boasting unique characteristics that render it versatile, resilient, and reliable for a wide array of insulation and soundproofing projects. Furthermore, Basotect®’s lightweight nature allows its successful application in various settings without sacrificing quality or durability.

Basotect® insulation stands out for its defining characteristics:

  • Heat Endurance: Basotect® withstands temperatures up to 240℃.
  • Thermal Insulation: Its fine cell structure provides effective thermal insulation.
  • Sound Absorption: The melamine resin composition makes it ideal for a broad range of acoustic applications, preventing soundwaves from reflecting back into the room and reducing echo.
  • Flame Retardant: With certifications like UL94 V-0 and class 0 rating, Basotect® does not melt, drip, or emit toxic smoke when exposed to flame.
  • Low Weight: It has a density of 6±2~9±2 kg/m3.
  • Water Absorption: It utilizes a capillary phenomenon, with water repellency grades available through special treatment.
  • Chemical Resistance: Basotect®’s cross-linked structure ensures resistance to chemicals.

So, where can one use Basotect® insulation?

The versatility of Basotect® becomes evident in its wide range of applications. For instance, its thermal insulation is crucial for household appliances like washers and dryers. Moreover, Basotect® insulation finds common use in construction, particularly in heating and ventilation duct linings.

Its sound absorption quality makes Basotect® insulation perfect for engine compartments in vehicles and wall panels in recording studios, cinemas, and exhibition facilities. Lastly, the material’s low weight and flame retardant properties make it suitable for the rail and aerospace industries.

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