Isolation tape, also known as Sound Resilient Tape, is a Rubber Foam Tape that is supplied in easy to use rolls – common applications include sealant flooring, fixing joists, partition wall isolation and ductwork. Isolation Tape supplied by Alanto has excellent acoustic dampening, airtight sealing and self-adhesive qualities that ensure a high-quality finish.

Excellent in reducing the transfer of noise, isolation tape is used in a broad variety of applications that provide a high level of sealant capability. To cater to our broad variety of customer demand, Alanto provide isolation tape in a range of materials, sizes and thicknesses:

Minimum width: 4mm
Maximum width: 50m
Thickness: 1mm upwards
Available Isolation tape materials: Natural Rubber, Neoprene Rubber, EPDM Rubber and Nitrile Rubber

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Gasket and sealing Tape

Designed especially for tough to reach places, gasket and sealing tape is highly conformable with a surface adhesive that bonds to plastic, metals and much more. Excellent for keeping out moisture, Alanto’s isolation tapes are great for applications such as electrical enclosures, shed and garage doors. It’s important to speak to an industry professional to understand specific material capabilities to ensure that it is correct for the chosen application – Alanto provide free advice on all materials.

Mould and fungus growth

A selection of Alanto’s materials for isolation tape are specifically designed to avoid the ingress of air, dust and moisture. This ensures that the product remains free from mould and fungus growth and is able to provide maximum longevity in its chosen application. Alanto’s choice of materials offer electrical, acoustic and temperature resistance and perform to different standards under a broad range of environments.

Alanto’s natural Rubber tapes have specific Water Council Approval and can be used in drinking water applications for human consumption. Alanto underwent rigid compliance and quality assessment in order to gain this certification.

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How to soundproof a room

A common use for isolation tape is for the purpose of soundproofing rooms, venues and facilities for commercial use. Isolation tape is fundamental to strict soundproofing regulations and provides a seal that absorbs sound vibration and does not allow the ingress of sound.

Alanto’s single-sided adhesive applied tape is ideal for sealing door frames and other spaces that would otherwise allow the admission of noise. The material’s closed cell composition means that it is a compressed material that limits the passing of noise from one room to another.

Other soundproofing uses for Isolation Tape

Isolation Tape is key to the automotive industry. The Rubber isolation strip is used to eliminate rattling noises in cars by placing the material in between two parts with irregular surface shapes. The optional adhesive holds the tape in place and prevents further movement and noise complaint. In addition to this, other uses of isolation tape in the automotive industry includes anti-slip mounting and the reduction of noise on car door seals.

Isolation Tape for high temperature applications

Many clients often require an isolation tape that will adhere to strict fire and safety standards. Alanto has specially developed a silicone closed cell sponge tape that:

  • Tolerates high temperatures
  • Has good recovery characteristics
  • Is abrasion resistant
  • Is flame retardant

All material specifications at Alanto are tested to industry standards. Click here for more specific information about Alanto’s range of silicone.

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