Rubber Gaskets Requirement:

Alanto were approached by an Electronic Lighting Manufacturer. The manufacturer required a compressible rubber gasket to form a seal to a custom-made design, to prevent any external contamination and perform in a high temperature environment up to 100C.

Rubber Gaskets Solution:

Alanto were delighted to be able to assist by offering a “Die-Cut” customer designed gasket. This gasket was manufactured in closed cell EPDM Sponge Rubber incorporating a high temperature pressure sensitive Acrylic adhesive.

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We were contacted by a customer who was requesting suitability of product for use as a sealing material in an external glazing application for the Construction industry.

Requirements for material suitability were an ability to withstand UV Light, Weathering and Ozone, in addition to the material being highly flexible and offering a closed cell construction to prevent ingress of air, dust and water.

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An International Sports Stadium Manufacturer required low compressibility solid rubber gaskets to perform a seal in high-load bearing applications.

Rubber Gasket Solution:

A solid EPDM Rubber material was recommended and sampled to determine suitability in application. The material provided good weather and U.V. Light resistance and was laminated with a specialist adhesive to provide assistance in location prior to fixing by installers.

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A Yacht and Boat Manufacturer required a high recovery cellular rubber sealing material for Hatch Seals which will be subjected to high UV and Ozone.

Rubber Fabrication Solution for sealing on a boat:

We recommended a high density Natural/EPDM closed cell Sponge Rubber which performs in the environment required and provides good recovery after compression to allow a comprehensive seal.

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