Designers and buyers who ask only for ‘black Rubber gaskets’ may not source the right technical specification to support their product designs. When looking for Rubber gaskets, the supplier should consider your industry, application, material properties, part manufacturing methods, industry standards, and regulatory requirements. Rubber gaskets can be bespoke to your business, for high performance and endurance.

Need a black Rubber gasket?

We know from experience that designers have the tendency to spec Neoprene Rubber gaskets, where no oil is present. However an EPDM Rubber gasket would do a much better job, and for a cheaper price too. There’s a tendency for designers and buyers seem to use the generic term Neoprene but not understand the full meaning.

Need help sourcing the right Rubber gaskets?

As an experienced Rubber convertor, Alanto Ltd can help technical buyers, product designers, and engineers to choose the right Rubber for seals, gaskets, and insulation for their specific application. Learn more about our Rubber gaskets, or contact us on 01922 723740.